Matt O'Brien

Thu, Jun 20, 2024
Fri, Jun 21, 2024
Sat, Jun 22, 2024
Sun, Jun 23, 2024

Matt O'Brien

with David Nguyen and Allison Hooker

Matt O’Brien has been featured on Just for Laughs, Comedy Central, Conan, Fox Sports, CBC, and Odd Squad on PBS. He wrote and performed his own hour long special on The Comedy Network in Canada and recently performed his 5th televised gala at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal. He is the winner of Sirius XM Radio’s Top Comic and Time Out Magazine named him one of their "Top 10 Comics to Watch”.

David Nguyen

David Nguyen is a writer and comedian currently writing and comedianing in SF Bay Area. One half of The Bad Asians Show, the premier comedy showcase featuring Asian comics, David is a mainstay both in the local scene and comedy clubs across America. David is a refreshingly positive voice in stand up - his act has a sharp edge but never draws blood. He's like a bag of jelly beans with the licorice and popcorn beans left in – overall, very sweet, but with just enough bitter notes to keep it interesting. Preferring a gentler approach to social commentary than the foot-stomping, chest-pounding norm, his criticism is always funny and usually constructive. And with an immediately likable demeanor and a deep bag of topics from which to draw material, it is easy to see why David is one of the most dynamic young comics working today.

Allison Hooker