Bret Ernst

Thu, Jan 18, 2024
Fri, Jan 19, 2024
Sat, Jan 20, 2024
Sun, Jan 21, 2024

Bret Ernst

with Mark Christopher and Aurora Singh

From playing “Cousin Louie LaRusso” on the hit Netflix show Cobra Kai, to his 25+ years in standup comedy, Bret Ernst is considered one of the best standups in the business. Coming on to the national scene via Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Show, he has performed standup on CBS, Showtime, and Comedy Central. His acting credits include Tacoma FD, WEEDS, CSI:NY, and of course, Cobra Kai. Bret’s astute Principal’s Office comedy special – over 4 million views - is the first hour YouTube comedy special by a standup comedian, a now popular distribution path followed by many comedians. His latest, Domesticated Animal, showcases more of his streetwise commentary and loveable vulnerability. Variety touted Bret Ernst as one of their Top 5 Comics to Watch, with his peers regarding him as a “comics' comic.”

Mark Christopher

Mark Christopher is an old-school comic with a modern sensibility (meaning he tells jokes but not of the "dad" variety). His meticulous writing ensures that each performance is packed with ingenious twists and turns that keep the audience guessing (and of course laughing). He can work "blue" or clean, and is equally comfortable as a host or a headliner. Mark is from Miami, but started his comedy career in San Francisco, where he worked with many of the biggest names in comedy, including Bill Burr, Robert Schimmel, Emo Philips, Jackie Kashian, Kevin Nealon, Greg Proops and the late, great Mitch Hedberg. Side Note: Robin Williams once whispered into Mark's ear after a performance at The Purple Onion and Mark still carries the ear with him for inspiration (it's the left one). When he's not performing, Mark loves to scuba dive and he has even worked as a shark feeder's assistant.

Aurora Singh

I am a first generation American just trying to figure life out in a millennial’s world. I plopped out of my Haitian mother in January of ’92 and was raised in Sacramento, CA. Growing up in the 916 taught me how to bargain, blend in with the white people, and dodge crazy drivers. I wanted to expand my horizons in college so I ventured to the great lands of Reno, Nevada, an even whiter community! Easy, I had prepared for this my entire life! After earning my degree in health (basically from learning how to procrastinate and get papers done after a bottle of wine), I soon got into car sales. Why? for the same reason everyone does, because I realized that being popular at keg parties doesn’t pay the bills in the real world and it was good money that didn’t check your grades. Oops. I soon remembered that my goals in life are to make people laugh and ultimately LIVE. So I quit my job and here I am! I find the best way to express my struggles through awkward thoughts, awkward actions, bad decisions, and binge drinking is best done on stage in front of a ton of strangers. It’s way cheaper than therapy!